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Sweet Tea

Nowadays coffee maintains its position as the number one beverage consumed by Americans but let’s not forget tea has its place coming in at third. Being from the Southeastern region, tea is still king thanks to the most magnificent elixir known as Sweet Tea. Now living in Los Angeles for decades, I’ve grown accustomed to this not…

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Hot Toddy

Cold and flu season starts in the fall and winter months. The beginning of the season starts in October and peaks in December and can remain elevated through March. The end of the viral storm doesn’t start to cease in some cases until May. The virus that causes colds and flu is air born and can spread from…

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Mac & Cheese

I love gourmet baked macaroni and cheese. My love for it would border along the lines of an addiction if I didn’t have such a difficult time digesting it. For the love of all things food and that are sacred to humanity, I will spare you the frightening details of what happens to me if I consume…

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Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Soup doesn’t have to be reserved for the fall and winter season. It’s delicate goodness or rich and robustness can be enjoyed any time of the year. In my opinion, there’s something about having a warm bowl of soup on a cool and overcast day, while cozied up at home that rejuvenates my soul. It doesn’t take much…

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